Mark Webber’s Red Bull pit crew changes tyres in 2.05 seconds: A new WR

formula 1 tyre change world recordNo one can doubt the agility and adeptness of the Formula 1 pit crew, except on a few occasions. At the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix, the existing WR for changing a set of tyres on a Formula 1 car was broken, not once but five times, and the fastest of all, belonged to Mark Webber’s team.

Previous record was set by the pit crew of Jenson Button last year when time taken to change all four tyres clocked 2.31 seconds, which is now the sixth fastest. This year, the pit crew of Red Bull Racing F1 driver, Mark Webber, took just 2.05 seconds flat to change all four tyres of one of their vehicles during 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Red Bull revealed about their achievement earlier this month when they revealed the information on their official website. Red Bull says, that their pit crew managed to break Button’s record of last year a total of five times at the 2013 Malaysian GP. As per their car data, during the first change of tires, both their car’s were stationary for 2.13 seconds. Later, during Webber’s second stop, 2.05 second was clocked, while 2.21 second and 2.26 second was clocked during his subsequent stops.

Changing tires in such a short span of time requires a high level of coordination between team members who are adept in the art of changing tyres in double quick time throughout the racing season. An F1 pit crew consists of a large number of members. There are three crew members to a single tyre which results in one member in charge of taking off the tyre, the other putting it back and the third to unscrew and screw the tyre back. These teams practice with precision and perfect time to ensure that no time is lost.

Below is the video which will show you Mark Webber’s team mates changing tyres in a WR time. You can also see the Jenson Button WR set last year and, along with these, we have also added Hamilton’s gaffe, what’s the harm in watching that again!