Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV owners head to Bangalore Heart-in-Mouth adventure on 24th March

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV owners head to Bangalore Heart-in-Mouth adventure on 24th March (1)March 24, 2013 will see owners of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport put the mighty SUV through one of the most grueling tests across the country. Heart-in-Mouth is an event being organized at Bengaluru’s Wonder Valley resort. The rally has been conducted in various formats across the country during past few months and heads to Bengaluru for an equally challenging adventure.

The rally will be fladded off by Mr. P.Vijayan, COO & Strategic Business Unit Head of HM’s Chennai car plant, while Pajero Sport owners from Bengaluru, Mangalore and Kochi will be participating in the event. Here, Pajero Sport will be put through the test while tackling an obstacle track at the Wonder Valley Resort. This track will include water bodies, rocky beds and challenging terrains which each batch of participants will need to complete in an hour.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is looked upon as a highly capable and touch vehicle with its predecessor having won the world’s toughest car contest at the Dakar Rally a total of 13 times. This new Pajero Sport is even more capable as compared to Pajero SFX and GLX variants, while this event is sure to make its owners share a special relationship with the massive vehicle after taking this test. Apart from off-roading, Pajero Sports owners can avail of a 50-point free check-up of their vehicles as well as utilise discounts on labour charges on their next 1st visit to the local dealership.

Mr. Uttam Bose, MD & CEO, Hindustan Motors Ltd., had this to say, “We are confident that the Bengaluru boot camp will be a big success and will enable Pajero Sport owners to fully realize the true potential of this legendary SUV whose predecessor holds the record of winning the world’s toughest car contest – the Dakar Rally – as many as 13 times. The newly launched Pajero Sport is more than a notch above its ancestors like Pajero SFX, Pajero GLX etc. The event will also help Pajero Sport owners bond better with one another and share experiences of real off-roading.”