Nürburgring Circuit bankruptcy threat, 2013 German Grand Prix and 85th year commemorative Nordschleife memorablia

The Nürburgring Circuit as an entity is looking at insolvency and potential bankruptcy unless €13million is poured in. At the racing front, for 2013, Bernie Ecclestone is willing to forsake the sanctioning fee for the track but that also means that 100% of the revenue would have to be sacrificed by the track.The Nürburgring Circuit hosts the German Grand Prix every two years, and the F1 offer presents a saving of about €20.6million.

This year to celebrate the Nordschleife, northern loop of the Nürburgring Circuit, is celebrating it’s 85th anniversary. Nordschleife® est. 1927 Signature Line brings out commemorative T-Shirt to mark 85th anniversary. A special T-shirt will be released to mark the 85th anniversary of one of the most demanding racetracks. This anniversary T Shirt in all black commemorates the year in which this racetrack was completed.  It is available for €20 and comes in sizes from S to XXXL and bears a reflective “Nordschleife® est. 1927” print in distinctive silver across its front. Price of this T shirt is €20 plus shipping charges of €5.

Black Nordschleife 1927 24 hour wristwatch is also introduced in commemoration of this German racetrack which opened on June 18th, 1927 under the name Mountain Racing and Testing Track. The wrist watch is 35 or 43 mm in diameter and is available either with a black or white dial. It is of a classic design and high quality, manufactured in Germany. The wristwatch stands apart both in design and quality and comes encased in a stainless steel case with mineral glass cover. It possesses a Swiss Part quartz movement and is water-resistant. For presentation purposes the watch is available in a silver metal gift box which adds to its appeal. Price of the Nordschleife 1927 24 hour wristwatch is €85 plus shipping charges of €10 while the Nordschleife 1927 XL 24 hour wristwatch will be available at €109 plus shipping charges.

News release: Nordschleife® est. 1927 Signature Line

The commemorative shirt for the 85th anniversary of the world’s most demanding racetrack

Triumphs and tragedies have been a part of its history from the very beginning. Now the legendary track celebrates its 85th anniversary despite some heavy turbulences: The “Nordschleife® est. 1927 Signature Line” anniversary shirt commemorates the year the world’s most demanding racetrack was completed with a sweeping logo.

The black T-shirt with reflective silver “Nordschleife® est. 1927” print on the front comes in sizes S through 3XL and costs 20 euros.

The new Nordschleife® 1927 24-hour timepieces
The watch commemorating the 85th anniversary of the world’s most demanding racetrack

The legendary “Nordschleife’ racetrack, German for ‘North Loop,’ opened for business on June 18, 1927 under the name “Mountain, Racing and Testing Track.” The new Nordschleife® 1927 24-hour wristwatches now commemorate the 85th anniversary of what is still undisputed as the world’s most demanding racetrack.

These timepieces mesmerize not only with their classic design and high-quality construction made in Germany: contrary to conventional watches their dials show not just 12, but all 24 hours in the day. This makes them also the perfect companions for attending the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

The high-quality stainless-steel timepieces are available with a black or white dial and with a case diameter of either 35 or 43 millimeters (1.4 or 1.7 inches). The Nordschleife® 1927 24-hour wristwatches are the perfect eye catchers and their uncommon design offers plenty of conversation topics: while the minute hand’s position is identical to that of a conventional watch, the hour hand points to an unexpected spot. The same position that would for example indicate 9 a.m. on a conventional watch signifies a time of precisely 6 p.m. on a Nordschleife® 1927 24-hour watch.

A Swiss quartz movement keeps precise time. It is housed in a sturdy 35-mm or 43-mm stainless-steel case that is protected by mineral glass and held by a black leather strap.