Police men who crashed their car into Royal Enfield and ran away from the spot – Caught

Two brothers were knocked down by a speeding PCR van at Noida Sector II on Sunday morning.

The accident occurred at Sector 11, Noida at 11 am on Sunday morning when a PCR Van, a Toyota Innova owned by Police, hit their Royal Enfield Thunderbird motorcycle from the rear. The accident victims have been identified as two brothers, Aditya Singh Chauhan (26) and Anoop Singh Chauhan (24).

The two brothers were thrown ahead some 10-20 meters and were obviously in a serious condition but the PCR Van, stopped, surveyed the situation and sped off leaving the victims unattended. Fortunately the entire episode has been captured on CCTV. The police have seized the vehicle and investigations are underway.

The crashed Toyota Innova Police car.

At the time of the accident, there was one constable and a Noida Authority appointed driver in the Police Van. It was their bounden duty to stop and take cognizance of the accident and rush the victims to the nearest hospital but instead they showed blatant dereliction of duty and chose to ignore the victims to save their own skin.

Residents of a nearby apartment rushed to the accident site, called for an ambulance and removed the injured brothers to the Metro Hospital. They are both said to be in the ICU in a serious condition with a number of broken bones and severe head injuries.

The Royal Enfield into which the police car crashed.

Investigations into the accident reveal that the riders were hit by the Police Van (Toyota Innova) which was travelling at a very high speed judging by the way in which its bonnet is crumpled. An FIR has been registered and PCR occupants have been booked under section 279 – rash driving and section 337 – causing hurt. It has also been recommended that both driver and constable be suspended from duty.

Source Times of India The Hindu