Red Bull Racing test and reserve driver Sebastian Buemi talks about racing and Formula One

You worked with Red Bull Racing as test and reserve driver in 2008. Is it important you already have a good relationship with everyone here and know the drivers? Back in 2008 I was a reserve driver and then I moved to Toro Rosso, so it was a good three years for me where I was able to do a lot of grands prix. I did 55 and gained a lot of experience. I know Mark and Sebastian pretty well, Sebastian since karting and Mark obviously since 2008. It’s good to be back here as a reserve and third driver You have a lot more experience than when you last had the role.

Do you feel you have more to offer? If I have changed it’s difficult to say. Obviously I think you train yourself a little bit, you have more experience, you know better what you need to do to get a quicker car. You know what you want to do to go quick and what you need. I think in general it’s much better now than where I was three years ago.

Has the role changed a lot since 2008? In 2008 we had a bit more testing, so now the testing is a little bit less and because of this we do a lot more in the simulator, so I would say for me it will not change much. I will still be driving the car a few times, but obviously the simulator is going to be the main topic and we are going to push very hard on it to get the car ready and try to improve it as much as possible.

In between race weekends, will simulator work be your main focus? Normally I’ll be racing something else. It’s still not clear what it will be but my main objective is to do a good job for the team, to be at all the races, try to improve the car as much as possible and do a good job in the simulator and then try to help as much as I can.

What are your first impressions of the new car? First impression of the new car is really good. It looks quite impressive, I can’t wait honestly to drive the car, let’s see how it feels like but it definitely looks good.