Volkswagen Group set to sell Bugatti to Rimac Automobili

Porsche, one of the stakeholders of Rimac Automobili, is set to benefit from this acquisition

Cristiano Ronaldo buys Bugatti Centodieci – Price 8.5 m Euros (approx Rs 75 cr)

The Bugatti Centodieci limited edition is a gift to himself following his team victory at the 36th Serie A

Bugatti hypercars’ air con is Just As Insane – Lead A/C designer explains

A/C compressors in modern-day Bugatti hypercars have a maximum cooling capacity of 10kW (enough to cool down a small apartment)

Bugatti electric car inspired by their classic – Price Rs 26 L to 51 L

Bugatti Baby II is an all electric car - modern interpretation of century old Bugatti Baby

How was Bugatti Chiron Top Speed Video shot – Explained

How do you shoot the video of a car going from 0-400 kmph?

Koenigsegg Agera RS is still faster than Bugatti Chiron – Claims Koenigsegg

The Chiron long tail prototype will eventually lead to production-spec Chiron Super Sport.

Bugatti Chiron test car top speed record of 490 kmph – Video

Bugatti Chiron now has the title of world's fastest car in production.

New Bugatti Centodieci does 0 to 200 in 6.1s – Costs approx Rs 63 cr

The new Bugatti Centodieci will be limited to 10 units each costing around $9 million a piece (approx Rs 63 cr, excluding taxes and import duty).