Traffic cop allegedly beats biker after getting confronted

Even as Shabi Ul Hussain of Kolkata has made the incident public, sharing his experience and tagging none other than Narendra Modi, Mamta Banerjee and TV News channels like Zee News and NDTV News, he still tries to figure out his crime. The cops in Kolkata literally bullied him and filed a case while remaining mum and not offering any explanation for his crime.

The traffic cop challaned him for speeding, breaking a signal and when Hussain denied all allegations and asked to check the CCTV footage, the traffic cop turned a deaf ear.

Mumbai Traffic Cop assaults citizen
In 2014, a video had gone viral as a Traffic cop in Thane thrashed a citizen for not showing driving license.

He continued to write on the challan to book the innocent Hussain under Section 179 – refusing to answer public servant authorized to question, Section 177 – Furnishing false information, Section 130 – failing to produce license when demanded by police officer in uniform and Section 184 – driving a vehicle at a speed which could be dangerous to the public.

Even as Hussain denied all these charges and contended that he was being framed for no fault of his, the cop beat him up leaving Hussain with no other recourse than to take up the matter with the authorities. Footage of the entire incident has been captured on video which could be used as evidence to prove him innocent.