1 in 4 cars recalled since introduction of voluntary recall code

Recalls of automobiles to fix manufacturing defects have been happening in India for several years in the form of service campaigns. It’s only after SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) issued the voluntary recall code in 2012, the process got tagged as recall.

Since then, even if the automakers describe it as a service campaign, the process gets tagged as recall by the media.

Honda City Recall India
Honda City is the most recalled car in India.

Bussiness Standard says that, since SIAM’s introduction of the recall code in 2012, roughly 1 in every 4 vehicles that were made in India were recalled. In terms of numbers, it translates to 2.2 million units in the last four years!

Almost all automakers that are operating in India have issued a recall in form or the other in the last 4 years. So far this year, automakers like Ford, Maruti, VW, Mercedes-Benz, etc., have issued recalls. Audi is set to issue a recall in the coming months to fix the emission issue.

Given that automakers source components from several vendors, there is a high chance of suffering a manufacturing defect. When manufacturers push the component makes to reduce the prices, it usually results in reduced component quality. This is the root cause for most manufacturing defects.

2015 Maruti Ertiga Official
Car recalls are mostly due to faulty components supplied by vendors.

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Going by the sales data, automotive recall is not looked upon as a negative publicity for the brand. On the contrary, customers feel comfortable that the brand they opted for ensures safety and reliability even though there is no mandatory recall policy in place in India.

Via – Business-standard.com