A tiger fell off a truck on Doha Expressway – Video

Video of a tiger cub roaming on the streets of Qatar has gone viral. The seemingly confused tiger cub was apparently being transported in a truck when it fell out of the vehicle, onto the busy highway in Qatar.

Luckily, the tiger survived the fall and started running on the busy street, looking for a way out. In doing so, the tiger started crossing lanes, leaving the commuters scared. But, more than the commuters, the tiger cub is much more confused and scared.

A tiger on Doha Expressway
A tiger on Doha Expressway

Most likely the wild cat is a pet, and while being transported the chain was either not tied properly, or the tiger managed to break free. The video clearly shows the broken chain tied to the collar of the cub.

After the story went viral on social media, some men came in a car and tried to take the cat away with them. From the video, it seems that these guys are the owner of this lost tiger cub, and are taking it back home.

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Despite being illegal, some people in Qatar keep endangered wild animals like lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc as pets. Qatar officials have promised to look into this matter and proceed legal action. If found guilty, the penalty is QR1,000 to QR10,000 (INR 18,500 to INR 1.85 lakh) and a maximum prison sentence of up to 6 months.