Bangalore Traffic Cop caught on video thrashing a cyclist who made way for an Ambulance

It was shame on a traffic cop in Bengaluru for stopping, assaulting and thrashing a good Samaritan whose only crime was to make way for a passing ambulance.

Unable to bear the sight of an ambulance stuck in a traffic barrier, and with concern for the patient awaiting the blood it was carrying for an emergency operation, an ex-serviceman (cyclist here) played the role of a good Samaritan. Nagappa promptly removed the rope that functioned as a barrier in a crowded junction on Bellary road allowing the ambulance to move ahead without further delay. .

bangalore cop thrashes civilian
After the cyclist’s help, the ambulance managed to get out of the jam. Watch the entire episode in the video below.

No sooner had he performed what he thought was his duty as a responsible citizen of India and a proud ex-serviceman in the country’s defence forces, than he had to bear the brunt of traffic sub inspector Ranganappa (Bangalore Traffic Cop), who charged at him from across the road. Not only he was abused for performing a good deed, but was also assaulted in the middle of a crowded road.

The entire incident is captured on video. Footage of the brutal beating and all that followed was caught on camera, bringing more disgrace to the traffic police and sympathy for Nagappa who should have been congratulated for his prompt action.

The video has drawn the ire of viewers and while Rangappa defends his lofty stand by stating that he was in the process of helping the ambulance to drive away. He said he berated Nagappa due to the fact that he cleared the way for other vehicles stuck in the jam. The matter is being investigated while Baburajendra Prasad DCP Traffic East Bengaluru has already ordered that Sub Inspector Rangappa be suspended till investigations are completed.

Watch the video below.