Court allots Swarna Shatabdi train as compensation to farmer in India

Sampuran Singh, who moved court for compensation after his farm land was acquired by Northern Railways found himself in ownership of a train.

Sampuran Singh, 45, a farmer in Ludhiana, had been making the rounds at a local court since 2007. It all began when his farm land was taken over by the Northern Railways to construct the Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line.

Seeking compensation for his acquired land, the poor farmer moved court. While Sampuran was entitled to INR 1.47 crores, the compensation meted out to him by the railways was a mere INR 42 lakhs.

The claim was put forth in 2012 while the court ordered the railways to offer compensation in January 2015. No compensation came forth causing Sampuran to file a plea for execution of court orders.

However, while Sampuran was expecting the full and final payment of what he had been promised, he instead was allotted the Swarna Shatabdi Express train that runs between Amritsar and New Delhi by the court. Train No. 12030 was attached at Ludhiana station to be handed over to the farmer while station master and train driver was also instructed to hand over the train.

Sampuran Singh was now the legal owner of the train but he could not take it home and instead allowed the train to carry forward along its route so as not to cause any trouble for its passengers. Sampuran’s rightful compensation now hangs in a balance as the court knows full well that he will have no use of a 300 metre train.

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