Crane buckles and Air India plane comes falling down

A 70 ton Air India plane Airbus A-320 was lying it its hangar since 2007. A few hours ago, it was being moved with the help of a crane as per orders from Airports Authority of India.

The plane was being shifted to the Air India training academy around 3 kms away at 7 am. While being towed, the plane crashed into the wall of a private building near the Hyderabad Begumpet Airport when the 200 ton crane lost its balance and collapsed. Fortunately no one was injured in the crash as the compound wall of the Hitech Club is near a school.

Air India plane comes falling down (3)

The video shows the Air India plane being moved while bystanders watch with rapt interest only to scurry away as the plane is seen crashing into the compound wall. The plane was not dismantled for transportation though the engine and seats were removed.

The entire hull weighed around 20 tonnes while crane capacity was of 50 tonnes as claimed by the crane company. The aircraft had a wingspan of 150 feet even while the road was not half as wide. Overhead cables were also not taken into consideration.

Air India plane comes falling down (2)

It is estimated that Standard Operating Procedure was not followed for transporting of the plane by road and neither were the police given details of this plan. North Zone police have registered a case against Air India and Durga Crane Service under IPC Section 336 for negligence.


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