I never spend on cars: Salman Khan speaks about driving and buying cars

While every Bollywood star like to be seen in the best of vehicles, Salman Khan has admitted that he does not like cars and never spends money on cars. This is quite contrary to what all Bollywood stars feel about their luxury vehicles. Most of them own or drive around in the most lavish of fleets and strive to own the most expensive luxury or sports cars.

Salman Khan mentioned that cars have never been a top priority with him and that he never spends on cars. He is quite content with the fact that people offer him cars as gifts and it was only recently that he has been presented a top end luxury SUV, a white Q7 SUV by none other than Mr. Michael Perschke, Head of Audi in India. This vehicle was also used in the making of the film Bodyguard.

It was an accident that has steered the actor off cars and has even given up driving his own car and rarely, if ever sits behind the wheel. It was back in October 2001, that Salman Khan was arrested for culpable homicide. The accident in north Bombay involved several homeless people sleeping on a pavement, and resulted in the death of one. The fatal crash saw Salman Khan being charged with “culpable homicide not amounting to murder”. This apart, other charges include not having a valid license, and drunk driving and. If he were to be convicted, the actor would have faced jail time of up to 10 years. It comes as no surprise that the scarring incident has left the star content with being a passenger rather than at the wheel. Then of course there’s Bombay traffic, his star quotient, and with chauffeurs at his beck and call, is it any wonder why?