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Lucknow bans tempos from refueling diesel at fuel stations

Lucknow petrol pumps

As per WHO reports, Lucknow is on the list of most polluted cities across the globe.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a report in which Lucknow is listed as among the most polluted cities in the world. In view of this recent finding, it is also noted that diesel run tempos are what are contributing to this rising pollution level.

A meeting was called to review the situation on Saturday and it is for this reason that petrol pumps across the city are being notified not to refuel these diesel tempos.

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The meeting was attended by delegates from transport and traffic departments and pollution departments. Suggestions were sought on bringing down the level of air pollution and noise and it was here that decisions were taken to entirely ban diesel tempos in the city.

Lucknow petrol pumps have been directed not to refuel these diesel tempos while special warning has been given to those petrol pumps found flouting the order. Their licenses may be suspended or cancelled while licenses of drivers of diesel tempos will also be cancelled if they are found plying within city limits. The diesel tempos will also be impounded.

In case our readers would like to speak with the petrol pump attendants who were so arrogant, here is their number 011-26257706.

Lucknow petrol pumps will have to display large hoardings refusing refueling of diesel tempos while two Whatsapp numbers have been released (7572033333, 7572044444) asking the general public to be aware of this order. Public have been asked by the district administration to ‘click and post’ videos and photos of such diesel tempos found violating the law and continuing to break the law.

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