OLA Cabs Tata Indica caught fire in Pune, adjacent building had no water to extinguish

The car was on hire via OLA Cabs to go and have a meal at a restaurant. Customers were dining and the driver was inside the premises of the building where the restaurant is, leaving the car empty and locked. In a while, smoke from the snout started to show and in no time flame emerged, which quickly spread to the cabin.

OLA Cabs Tata Indica fire Pune-0 Koregaon Park
The incident happened in front of Kapila Matrix commercial building situated on North Main Road in Koregaon Park, Pune.
Responsible citizens alerted staff belonging to the commercial building and instructed them to put the fire out using their fire hydrants. People came flocked to help and pulled out the hoses aiming at the car, only to find out not a drip of water could come out of it, as the system does not function. Angry individuals demanded explanation for a multi-storey commercial building to not have a functioning fire extinguishing system.

Meanwhile, city fire service was called, who arrived in minutes to settle the blaze.

Reason or point of origin of fire is unknown, but it is apparent that fuel was leaked onto hot engine block from fuel pump’s age-old hose. This is pretty common with Tata Indica hatchbacks, according to a confidential company service head, when proper maintenance is not carried out. Certain fuel lines and washers tend to crack and fail in varying climatic conditions, especially the local made ones.