Uber makes OLA Cabs shutdown Delhi operations, TaxiForSure could follow

In the course of the hearing at Delhi High Court, Uber demonstrated in front of the judge that a taxi can still be booked on OLA Cabs despite the ban. This led to the judge question the Transport Department about its actions against the latter.

OLA Cabs Tata Indica fire Pune-006
The case makes us recall the classic line ‘if I can’t get the treasure, nobody should’.
The authorities of Delhi Transport Department quickly replied that OLA Cabs has been operating illegally. As a result of which a police complaint is is likely to be filed against the web taxi operator who was not present in the court room.

A government official revealed to Economic Times that an FIR will be filed against OLA Cabs for illegal operations in Delhi. The same source disclosed that TaxiForSure and other taxi aggregators with similar business model are indeed in the cross hairs.

Delhi did ban all web based taxi operators in the city soon after the rape case was filed last month. Even though the taxi aggregators argue that they are not direct operators of cab service but are actually technology firms who are supposed to be under the purview of IT law, the companies should not have been operating in the city when a ban was on effect.

OLA Cabs says that Delhi High Court stayed the ban for just 10 days, only after expiry of which did they continue to operate. On other side, Transport Department had indeed reaffirmed the ban on 1st January 2015, telling the app taxi companies to obtain a licence to function as radio taxi operators.

All vehicles operating under Uber and OLA Cabs banner in Delhi are being seized.

Via – Economic Times