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Kolkata woman jumps off a moving cab as driver threatens to rape

Teenagers kill Uber driver in Delhi

An Uber driver in Kolkata threatened a hapless woman passenger with kidnapping and rape. He has been arrested and charged with molestation.

When a 27-year-old woman’s male co-passenger got down from the cab, little did she realize that she would be taken on a ride that she will remember for her lifetime.

“Akdom chup! Toke kidnap kore rape kore debo (Shut up! I will kidnap and rape you)” were the words uttered by cab driver 28-year-old Santu Parmanik when the woman tried to roll down the window and scream for help.


The woman and her friend booked the app cab Uber at JD Block in Salt Lake at 10 pm on Monday night. After the male passenger alighted from the cab at Aranya Bhavan, the driver set off at great speed, took turns where not required and swerved into a deserted left lane.

When the woman tried to protest, she was severely threatened with dire consequences of kidnap and rape while her cries for help were of little effect as the road was deserted.

Uber kolkata driver

The woman passenger mustered courage and jumped out of the moving cab. But the Uber driver reversed and tried to run her over. He then alighted from the cab and tried to rough up the victim and only went away when she leapt onto the pavement. The victim sent a complaint to Uber and reported the incident to the police the next day. Parmanik is now identified, is in custody and charged with wrongful restraint, molestation, threat of rape and criminal intimidation.

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