A van crashes into a plane’s engine ahead of take-off (Video)

A Dragonair Airbus A330 passenger jet taxiing at Hong Kong International Airport came to a standstill when an airport maintenance van drove into its left engine (engine no 1).

The impact left the van driver with head injuries. No other casualties are reported. The collision took place when KA691 was to fly to Penang, Malaysia. The van drove towards the side of the plane, and swerved right since the aircraft was slowly moving towards the runway. Upon impact, the A330 dragged the van for a bit before stopping.

“The driver who was trapped on board the light goods vehicle was rescued. He was injured in the head and shoulder and taken conscious to North Lantau Hospital for treatment”, said a police spokesperson.

Videos and photos have been made available online from passengers onboard. After an hour long wait, passengers were guided back to the terminal. The trapped driver was rescued and taken to hospital. The incident took place in a departure bay before getting on the runway. The maintenance vehicle which crashed into the DragonAir plane is operated by another airline. The aircraft is being inspected by engineers and the maintenance service provider.

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