Google is hiring, $20/hour to be a driver of their driverless car

Google’s Self-Driving Car testing program will require drivers to test the cars as it takes trips back and forth between predetermined destinations. Careful attention will be required in case the drivers are needed to take control of the wheel in the event of an emergency.

Google’s Self-Driving Car testing program is of vital importance to the company as feedback will be supplied to engineers on how these cars performed and interacted with other vehicles on the road. Details of when drivers needed to take over will have to be properly recorded.

Google seeks drivers willing to sign contracts for a period of 1 to 2 years. The drivers will work in pairs with one driver at the wheel, geared to take control if situation demands while the other will play the role of passenger while taking down notes on a laptop. These drivers will have to operate the vehicle for 6 to 8 hours per day and collate data which will then be passed on to company engineers.

Drivers will be from a cross section of society from English teachers to orbital welders. These drivers should be well versed with the layout of the roads in Phoenix, Arizona. They should be able to keep the vehicle’s software system in constant focus, offer concise data on the functioning of the vehicle or give oral feedback to company engineers while being open to travel upto a month at a time.

google car
Google’s driverless car

Google will ensure that all drivers taken on for this Google’s Self-Driving Car testing program have a basic degree, excellent verbal and written skills, are able to type at 40 wpm, a valid driving license, an untarnished driving history and no criminal records.

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