Nagpur finds a way to help riders fight heat at traffic signals

During hot days, even people who are travelling in a car with AC set to the lowest temperature are seen complaining about the extreme heat. Imagine what a two-wheeler rider goes through?

Two-wheeler riders have to brave the blazing sun and scorching heat. The suffering is less when one is on the move as compared to when one has to wait, for example at a traffic signal. This results in an increase of traffic signal offenders and thus accidents.

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In order to reduce such offences during summer days, Nagpur Regional Transport authorities have come up with an ingenious way which will not only keep two-wheeler riders cool at traffic signals but will also ensure that they are in no hurry to break traffic signals.

The have suspended green cloth over the area where two wheelers stop on the road at traffic signals. This is the same cloth used in greenhouses to shelter plants from direct rays of the sun and harmful UV rays.

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The transport authorities have tied this cloth to street lights, trees and poles just above traffic signals for riders to take shelter, even if it is for a few minutes. This is just a short-term aid against the searing heat but finds many takers who not only enjoy a few moments of respite from the sun but are also eager to follow traffic signals and not speed away into the blazing sun.

While this short term measure may work for the time being, it is time to recognise the urgent need to preserve the environment and find long-term solutions to rising temperatures and mounting pollution. Planting trees along the roads is a good start.

nagpur fights heat

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