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BMW owns Alphabet.com domain, the name of Google’s parent company

Google made it to the headlines of almost every major newspaper daily here in India. The reason, their new CEO, Sundar Pichai was born and brought up in India. So why did Google, the search engine giant which is amongst the top 5 companies in the world with US$131.133 billion in assets (2014), made an Indian their CEO. The reason, they now have a new parent company, of which Google is one of many subsidiaries. This new parent company is called Alphabet.

While Google co-founder Larry Page made the announcement of new holding company named Alphabet which will manage Google, it was assumed that a visit to the site would direct users to the new holding company. However, click of a button on Alphabet.com takes one to the BMW Group business mobility solution with special emphasis on fleet management and financing.


Alphabet.com was registered in 1997 which is owned by BMW and is a large part of the company business. Spokespersons for BMW have confirmed that the company will not be selling its domain and Alphabet.com will continue to be a part of the German automakers business. While BMW is delving further to ascertain if Google’s Alphabet has infringed on its trademark, no legal action is being planned.

Where Alphabet’s presence online is concerned, Google’s new company has secured abc.xyz leaving alphabet.com for BMW to continue with. However, traffic overload to the site, immediately after the announcement, has caused some concerns. Last time we checked, the website was not loading.

Besides BMW, other companies also have the Alphabet name. Reuters indicates that over 100 companies have trademark registrations in the US with the word ‘Alphabet’ in some form or the other. Alphabet, Inc is an Ohio company founded in 1965. The company produces electrical components for the auto industry. The trademark name also belonged to G&S Vodka which sells gluten free vodka under Alphabet name.

This makes us wonder, why did Google choose the name Alphabet, if Alphabet.com was not theirs or not on sale? Anyways, this is what will come under the new Google parent company, Alphabet.

Image – Business Insider

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