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How to impress anyone with your sweet (aromatic) ride

People don’t just look at the car you drive but also how you treat it, and take care of it. A sweet-smelling car will give fellow passengers a positive drive experience, and keeps you relaxed all the way.

I recently bought a new car. With my office in Delhi, and my home in Noida, the car has been nothing less than a saviour. I easily spend about 4 hours in my car every day. And when not in use, the car is lying in an underground parking space, either at home or at the office.

Within a few days of purchase, I realized that every time when I got into the car, after it had remained shut for a couple of hours, the air seemed stale. As I was a first-time car owner, initially I thought that every car would have the same issue. I told myself that as the cabin remains shut for couple of hours, there is no way to solve this issue. One fine evening after finishing work, a couple of us decided to head out for dinner directly from the office. As there were four of us, we decided to take one car. Naren’s car was the easiest to get out of the parking spot, and thus we decided to jump in his car for the outing.

Just like my car, I expected the atmosphere in Naren’s car to be stuffy. But to my surprise, that was not the case. In fact, his car was smelling very pleasant. This surprised me as his car was also lying in the same underground parking for the same amount of time. I asked Naren, what was the reason behind his car’s freshness. All he did was point to a small pink coloured contained placed in one of the cup holders near the gear lever. This container was a car freshener called Godrej Aer Twist.

Without wasting any more time, I opened the Amazon app on my phone and ordered the same car freshener for myself. Costing about INR 350, Godrej Aer Twist was delivered to my door step the next day. Ever since that day, after I installed Godrej Aer Twist in my car, I have only encountered a fresh, happy ambience in my car. #aerTime

Your car cabin is an extension of yourself as you spend a considerable time of your day in it. Godrej Aer Twist is easy to use in your car and requires very little effort on your part to install and apply it. The gel bottle is to be placed on your dashboard with help from the double-sided tape attached at the bottom of the container. This is unlike clip on/click on air freshener varieties that need to be clipped on the ac vents for aroma to be emitted. It can be left in the cup holder too in case you don’t wish to stick it upfront on the dashboard. Available in a smart looking bottle, it’s not a distraction on the dashboard and fits in quite easily.

Once the Godrej Aer Twist gel evaporates, the container is to be discarded. There’s no cartridge to be replaced or the hassle of buying the next refill. Once done, simply throw the container that was in use, and install a new bottle in its place.

The gel format is convenient to use, and once in place, continues to do its work diligently, requiring no help or prodding from you. Fragrance choices include Fresh Lush Green, Cool Surf Blue, Irish Cocktail, Musk After Smoke, Bright Tangy Delight, Petal Crush Pink.

The customer always has a choice, and there are few avenues like buying a car that lets a buyer exercise complete control on what they desire. It’s the same with car fresheners and the fragrances that attract you. In a myriad of available car fresheners, there’ll always be a specific few that a customer will choose. Convenience of application, price and assortment of scents are important selection categories. Godrej Aer Twist car air freshener combines the very best and answers concerns right away.

Godrej Aer Twist operates through easy twist mechanism that lets you control fragrance flow. You can twist it on or off at ease. Whether its summer heat, humidity and irritation, or dry winter days that numb you, your car cabin is a safe place. The drive becomes bearable by letting you retreat in a cabin that makes you feel upbeat, and positive. Messy monsoons are all about being stuffy in closed spaces, but Godrej Aer Twist keeps out all musty odour.

Godrej Aer Twist car fragrance lasts 60 days continuously, making it a great value offering. Godrej Aer Twist makes car rides pleasing with an assortment of fragrances that work through a spill proof clever gel technology. That means you never have to worry about spills or sprays gone wrong with too much fragrance in the car.

Car fresheners ensure a pleasant daily commute. Since we spend ample alone time and family time in our cars, it’s high priority that the car should feel welcoming. Drives create memories, and surely these memories should smell as good as they feel. It’s the overall experience that counts.


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