Continental and Skully’s Head Up Display Study for motorcycle riders

Head Up Display system for motorcyclePresenting this state of the art technology in simulator at the Intermot show, the Head-up Display follows same principal as seen in cars with head up display on windshields, thus reducing distractions for the driver. Enhancing safety and comforts, this innovative study via the motorcycle helmet offers information on navigation, road alerts and other motorcycle specific features such as inclination angles, etc.

As seen in the simulator, the Head-up Display indicates to motorcyclist what is taking place in the blind spot through the use of a backward looking camera thus allowing the rider to give the road ahead his full concentration.

The helmet is linked via Bluetooth 4.0 to an electronic control unit which processes data from the vehicle. It is also connected with vehicle sensors, electronic system and speedometer due to which it is able to measure vehicle speed via GPS. All information is processed in a fraction of a second while engine analyses speed, the control unit signals need for shift to a higher gear which is instantly relayed on to the helmet and displayed with acoustic signal. While internal information is handled this way, external information of accidents en-route and real time traffic updates are also relayed to riders in their field of view.