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Hyundai India reckoned big: To manage few plants in Europe

Hyundai India made their Sriperumbudur plant near Chennai a global hub for small cars, and export activities to several countries (including the European ones) are undertaken there. Hyundai India has been a significant arm, contributing to about 15% of overall sales of the Group. Now, three key areas of Hyundai’s global operations are asked to be managed by Hyundai India, as told by T Sarangarajan, Vice-President & Head of Production at HMIL. Those areas would be Research & Development, Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing. T Sarangarajan added that HMIL will soon be qualified to govern some HMC plants, once they achieve readiness in Manufacturing field.

Further, Hyundai Global is actively running a programme for placing Indian executives on leadership posts in different global wings. Since past two years, Hyundai has been shortlisting aspirants within HMIL and bringing them to Hyundai Korea for special training. These men after their training split to different plants across the globe to take charge of plant operations. This exceptional strategy is put in motion to improve product quality more than sales volume, as said by Sarangarajan.

Hyundai has shelled out huge capital aiming to produce 6.8 lakh cars every year, starting with the first car that exited from Sriperumbudur plant in 1998. Over the years, the company has become the second largest car maker by volume in the country and the largest exporter of completely built cars.

The Vice President also mentioned that they had an initial target of bringing rejection rate of products to only 100 units per million. They successfully reduced the target to 50 PPM (Parts Per Million) four years ago and their current intent reads 10 PPM. He appended that some of their vendors have already accomplished 10 PPM.

In short, it is good to know that Hyundai’s workforce in India is doing remarkable job and is being well appreciated for it. It is evident that their product quality is improving and more can be expected from them in due course.

Via – Times of India

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