KTM unveils world’s first fuel-injected two-stroke production bikes

The engine features two fuel injectors mounted within the transfer port.

2018 KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI, the world’s first series production motorcycles to adopt fuel-injected two-stroke engine, have been unveiled. The enduro twins have managed to be compliant with Europe’s strict emission laws.

The TPI (Transfer Port Injection) technology, as the name suggests, employs two fuel injectors in the engine’s transfer port, thereby avoiding pre-mixing of fuel, air and oil. The injectors which are controlled by an engine management system spray atomized fuel into the jet of air-oil coming from the throttle body.

The system is claimed to have improved the fuel economy significantly while reducing the oil consumption by 50% (80:1 fuel-oil ratio as against traditional ratio of 40:1). There is no need to adjust the jet for altitude like in the traditional 2-strokes.

KTM’s TPI two-stroke fuel-injected technology is currently available in 250 cc and 300 cc single cylinder avatars. Power and torque figures are not revealed yet. The sale of KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI will be restricted to Europe as of now. North American versions would be launched later this year.

The enduro twins which target off-road enthusiasts come with WP suspension system, chromium-molybdenum steel double cradle frame, spoke wheels, off-road tyres, a hydraulic clutch, front and rear Brembo disc brakes, etc.

The motorcycles are slated to enter the European market by June 2017.