Update: Used car dealer Carvana replaces salesman with vending machine

It was inaugurated earlier this month. The vending machine is the world’s first complete online car buying service, allowing customers to browse, shop, finance and purchase a vehicle of their choice and also have the advantages of door delivery in 48 hours. Buyers opting to pick up their chosen models can collect their car in 24 hours after placing orders.

Used car dealer replaces car salesman with vending machine

Carvana has stated that this form of selling used cars negates the use of traditional dealerships and allows for fewer staff. A 360 degree photography technology also allows buyers to get a thorough look of the used cars on offer. This system also makes bargaining and haggling over the price of a used car a thing of the past but the company assures that since they do not have to pay salaries to salesmen, all models on display are priced competitively.

All models are accident free and have passed thorough checks. Cars come with a 7 day no questions asked return policy and 100 day warranty. Free delivery is restricted to a 75 mile radius, outside which buyers will be charged $199 for delivery for those within a 76 to 250-mile radius of Atlanta.