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Volkswagen reveals 4.1m long T-Roc SUV Concept

Volkswagen reveals 4.1m long T-Roc SUV Concept (1)

World’s second largest car manufacturer, aiming to become the largest in the near future, has revealed yet another compact SUV concept. Named T-Roc, the new compact crossover from Volkswagen does not carry the traditional boxy structure seen in the Volkswagen SUVs, instead, this one carries a Nissan Juke type structure.

4179 mm in length, 1831 mm in width and 1501 mm in height, Volkswagen T-Roc is powered by a 2.0l turbodiesel engine delivering 184 PS power and 380 Nm of torque. Transmission is taken care by a 7 speed DSG, while it delivers mileage of 20.4 kmpl. Speaking about their new concept, Volkswagen says, “An SUV concept vehicle one down from the Tiguan in the Golf format, for more than just urban driving.”

Volkswagen reveals 4.1m long T-Roc SUV Concept (1)Built on a lightweight architecture, T-Roc weighs just 1420 kgs and has a wheelbase of 2595 mm. 19-inch alloy wheels and 245/45 tyres maintain contact to the ground both on the road and off-road. The highlight of this new VW concept is that it features removable roof halves, that can be placed in the boot once removed.

T-Roc comes with an intelligent four wheel drive system with three driving modes – ‘Street’, ‘Offroad’ and ‘Snow’. It also features 12.3 inch digital instrument display and a removable tablet which can be used for your infotainment needs. Apart from this the new concept offers many new features. If interested, you can read more in the press release below.


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