2014 Lexus RC coupe in a new red

Lexus RC coupe will launch in striking new red in 2014, a colour that’s been achieved using a combination of silver and red base. The red in question is brighter and with more contrast thanks to an entirely new painting process that uses two-color base of both silver and red.

201_Lexus_RC_coupe_red (1)

The redness of this particular red is a result of meticulous paint process using 4 base coats that are baked twice. Coloured and clear coating layers control some of the colour’s reflections and strike a balance between brightness and depth. For exterior red, a base coat of silver goes first, then a clear coat, followed by a translucent red coat, then topped with another clear coat.A

201_Lexus_RC_coupe_red (4)

201_Lexus_RC_coupe_red (3)

201_Lexus_RC_coupe_red (2)