Bajaj Avenger customized for Fire Brigade in Nepal

HH Bajaj, sole distributors of Bajaj motorcycles in Nepal have presented the Juddha Barun Yantra with 10 modified version of the Bajaj Avenger. Calling them Toofan Fire, these bikes are fitted with fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other firefighting equipment to cater to the immediate demands of fires in the narrow alleys of New Road, Indra Chowk and Ason where fire engines need time to reach.

Bajaj Avenger customized for Fire Brigade in Nepal 1

Roads in Kathmandu, Nepal are narrow and congested. Fire engines find difficult to tackle in the event of an emergency. These 10 bikes presented by HH Bajaj to the fire department of Nepal will significantly modernize the system and come in handy for timely fire control and efficient rescue operations.

HH Bajaj Executive Director Sekhar Golchha said, “Kathmandu’s many roads are so narrow and congested, it is very difficult for fire brigade vehicles to reach on time,” he said. “So, we believe that the Toofan Motorcycles would come in handy in fire control and rescue system.”

Bajaj Avenger bikes were selected for this purpose due to the fact that they possess long chassis and big tyres. They have also proved more efficient in emergency situations as the Avenger 220cc engine is capable of producing 19 bhp at 8400 rpm and 13 Nm torque at 7000 rpm while reaching a top speed of 120+ kmph. Fuel efficient, the Bajaj Avenger offers 40 kmpl in city limits and 55 kmpl on the highway. The Bajaj Avenger does 0 to 60 kmph in 5.18 seconds and 0 to 100 kmph in 10.03 seconds. It is the only cruiser offering from Bajaj Auto and sports classic cruiser looks with low slung styling, classic fuel tank with fuel gauge to give it a distinct identity.

Bajaj Avenger customized for Fire Brigade in Nepal 2

Source – MyRepublica