Car Gift Ideas for Worried Parents with New Driver Children

Any parent with a child who drives knows how worrying it can be letting them out on the road unsupervised. Even if they are completely…

Car Gift Ideas for Worried Parents with New Driver Children 1Any parent with a child who drives knows how worrying it can be letting them out on the road unsupervised. Even if they are completely trustworthy, anything can happen on the roads and we should be doing everything we can to protect the drivers in our lives. The following are some ideas for gifts you could give your son or daughter to keep them safe whilst driving and to help get them out of any emergencies if they should arise. It’s natural for a parent to want to look after their child even when they are not with them, and with these car gifts, they can.

Key finder

If you’ve got a son or daughter who keeps losing their keys, this is a great gift for them. Not being able to find your car keys is not only annoying but it can also make you late for work, which in turn can harm your career. Organisation can affect other aspects of your life, which is why it’s important to ensure you are as punctual as possible in the mornings. If you’re worried about your son or daughter’s organisation skills, buy them a key finder to get them out of the door faster in the mornings.

Snow chains

Snow chainIn the cold weather, driving can get dangerous. A great way to make sure your son or daughter stays safe in the snow is to buy them snow chains to put on their tyres. This will stop them from skidding and help to prevent accidents which can otherwise be unavoidable. It will put your mind at rest when they can’t avoid going out in the snow and ice.

Seat belt comfort pads

It’s important to be comfortable in a car, especially on a long journey. If a seat belt is cutting into the driver or passenger, or it’s starting to feel uncomfortable, there may be temptation to take it off or to not wear it properly. This is not only dangerous but is also illegal. Even if the seat belt is not tampered with, it can still be a distraction whilst driving if it is uncomfortable. Seat belt comfort pads are excellent gifts to give when it comes to safety because they’ll not only offer added comfort of a long journey but they’ll also eliminate a potentially dangerous distraction.


Car Gift Ideas for Worried Parents with New Driver Children 3It’s always handy to have a portable torch in the car in case of a breakdown or another kind of emergency in the dark. Cars are not always the most reliable things, and even if your car is fine, there’s always the chance of getting lost and having to find your way to help or read a map in the dark. If you get stuck in traffic and your journey gets delayed so that you end up unexpectedly driving in the dark, having a torch handy will be a huge relief in case you need to use it. It’s a great thing to have for safety, and it will make a brilliant gift because it’s something that not a lot of people will think of buying themselves.

Window scraper

A window scraper is one of the top must-have accessories for cars and is a really handy thing to have in the cold weather as windows will often ice over at night making it difficult to see when driving. However, if you buy one with a built in sponge, it will come in handy all year round because it will help to get rid of rain, steam and dirt as well. It’s a great way of getting on the move quickly when visibility is reduced, and it can come in handy in emergencies, for example if mud gets splattered on the windows.


Car Gift Ideas for Worried Parents with New Driver Children 4A satellite navigation system is a must have because it can help you get out of sticky situations quickly and easily so that you don’t end up getting too lost. Many people who have just paid for a car and insurance will not have the spare money to pay for one, so it’s a great gift idea for a son or daughter who has just passed their test, and it will stop you from worrying about them getting lost or taking unsafe routes because they are unaware of alternatives.

Car phone

This is another must have in case of emergencies. If a driver is lost of they have had an accident and need to get through to someone, they might not be able to use their mobile for a huge number of reasons, the most common being lack of battery power. A car phone is something which could end up saving lives, so it’s important to have one as back up. If you’re concerned about your son or daughter’s safety on the road, make sure they have a car phone so that they can call you, the police or an ambulance in an emergency without any problems or delays.

Change pouch

Car Gift Ideas for Worried Parents with New Driver Children 5A box or pouch for spare change is something everyone should have in their car because you never know when it may come in handy for extra petrol or parking charges. It’s a great gift to give someone because it’s something they may not have thought of themselves and its something everyone can make good use of. It may not seem like a must have, but a spare bit of change in someone’s car can be really useful and could get them out of some sticky situations.

Driving shoes

Driving shoes are such a handy thing to have because you can keep them in your car (as you probably won’t be wearing them anywhere else) and you won’t have to worry about taking extra shoes out with you or whether or not you can drive in the ones you are wearing. They’re great gifts for young people because they’ll often be dressing up to go out and will therefore have to change their shoes in order to drive. Having a spare pair in the car will ensure that forgetful people have safe shoes to use and they do not have to take out an extra pair of shoes with them.

Floor mats

Car Gift Ideas for Worried Parents with New Driver Children 6Floor mats make great accessories for cars and are ideal gifts from parents because one thing a lot of young (and older for that matter) people have in common is reluctance to tidy up after themselves. Floor mats will give your son or daughter a quicker and easier way of cleaning up crumbs, spillages and mud so that when you get a ride in their car, you won’t have to worry about the mess.

As a parent safety always comes first, which is why it is so important you find a car that will give you peace of mind whilst your child is out on the road. Safety in driving often comes down to the confidence of the driver behind the wheel. Smaller cars such as the small and convertible Fiat 500C are ideal for first time drivers yet still provide a sense of style. If you’ve got a son who would rather be flash than stylish you may be better off opting for a more sporty car like the Fiat 500GQ. Investing in your child’s safety is something you’ve done often, so why stop now!

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