Cats in Boxes | Jaguar USA


Cats in boxes rings in the Jaguar USA December sales event. Holiday season automotive sales advertising campaigns are such a well-worn cliché that a consumer could be forgiven if they thought Santa actually drove sports cars, instead of a sleigh, and thought red-ribbon car gifts are what make every December One to Remember.

Given that more and more consumers these days might prefer something British under their tree, Jaguar U.S. retailers are holding this December the Unwrap a Jag Sales Event, offering alternative choices for great luxury car deals.

CATS IN BOXES Jaguar USA (2)Disclaimer: This offer supports the 2013 Jaguar XF 2.0T

And since most of our competitors’ slickly-produced seasonal solicitations have been running on TV since before Thanksgiving, Jaguar is offering something fresh for online video viewers to help get through the final weeks of the sale season and let them know about our best offers.

Jaguar’s Cats in Boxes brings perhaps the most popular YouTube video subject matter, trouble-making yet cute cat videos, to the holiday season oeuvre. It’s not your traditional approach to holiday sales event advertising, and frankly, we just wanted to make a little holiday digital merriment, Jaguar style. Meow and Happy Shopping.