Driving the Ford EcoSport with 1.0L EcoBoost compact SUV in India

Ford India is all set to introduce their new car, a compact SUV, EcoSport within a few weeks. A drive event for the media was held last week in Goa, and it is still on, as Ford India has not only invited national and international automotive media, but also technology media. Here is what we think of the new EcoSport.

ford ecosport review- exterior images (24)Sub 4 meters in length, the new Ford EcoSport is the most awaited car in India this year. Expected to be launched by mid-June, the car will be offered in a choice of 10 trims, respective prices of which are yet to be revealed. A total of three engine options will be on offer 1.0L petrol EcoBoost, 1.5L petrol, and 1.5L diesel. These have been divided into four trims and a total of 10 trims are on offer. Details of which can be found be found here.

Driving: At the media drive, only the 1.0L EcoBoost option was available. This three cylinder engine is not all out impressive, but will surely not disappoint. It does not have an impressive pickup speed, but once it starts moving, it’s very smooth. EcoSport easily reaches speeds of up to 70-80 kmph, while still in the second gear. The third gear is the one that impressed us, once you are in the third gear, you can easily handle most of highway traffic. Third gear shows how the engine and transmission of this car has been tuned for Indian traffic. Gear changing is effortless and smooth. It was the mileage that worried us a bit. Ford claimed this one delivers ARAI certified 18.7 kmpl. We drove the car for 140 kms and managed to clock an average of 7.5 kmpl, according to the in-car display. But considering the terrain, not so efficient driving style, and leaving the car on while photographing it, you can expect the car to deliver a better mileage when you drive.