Eicher Motors records 37% dip in November sales

Total sales where Eicher Motors branded trucks and buses were concerned stood at 3,565 units in November 2012, and dip in demand is primarily due to weaker demand in the MHCV segment.


Eicher trucks and buses have recorded sales of 2244 units in November 2013, equating to 37.1% sales decline. YTD sales during 2013 period stands at 37,743 units as against 44,230 units sold in the same period in 2012. This equates to 14.7% sales decline YTD when compared to the same period in 2012.

Lower demand has been felt in domestic CV markets ( 5T and Above) Eicher Trucks and Buses have recorded sales of 1,928 units in November 2013, as against 3,418 units sold in November 2012 resulting in a drop of 43.6%. YTD  sales during the 2013 period stand at 34,878 units as compared to YTD 2012 sales of 42,163 units, thus resulting in a fall of 17.3%.

Exports were however more positive with total exports of 316 units in November 2013 as against 147 units in November 2012 which resulted in a growth of 115%. YTD exports stand at 2,865 units the 2013 period as against 2,067 units in YTD 2017 equating to 38.6% sales growth.