‘New Model Every Year’ promised by Ferrari

Ferrari has disclosed its future plans. Over the next five years, the company will be introducing a new model each year. These will be a full line of high performance models with V8 and V12 engines each of which will have a four year lifecycle. These models will be followed by M Versions for another four years.

LaFerrari at the Art Basel Miami exhibition

This arrangement of new model every year which will see the introduction of full line, high performance models, is part of Ferrari’s five year plans and will also include special series models to target high end buyers. The company will also be concentrating on developing markets such as China where Ferrari has seen increased demand.

Ferrari’s plans also include keeping production capped at 7,000 units per annum. This capping on production will go a long way in preserving the brand’s uniqueness, though Sergio Marchionne stated that this capping could be increased to 10,000 units as number of net worth of buyers increases specially in developing markets.

Through this strategy, Ferrari will launch special limited series, targeting high end customers which will broaden their personalization of key models which will also go a long way in boosting Ferrari’s profit margins.