Google driverless cars get safer by reading road signs

Google’s self driving cars get a boost after yesterday’s patent to enhance Google Car self-drive capabilities by enabling a robot in the car to automatically read and interpret road signs and other obstacles.

Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group said, “This is a really exciting time to be living in, with these sorts of developments making concepts that would have been laughed at a few years ago a real possibility in the near future. At Europcar we have always been first to embrace new technology – and I am personally excited by the prospect of having Google do the driving for me!”


“Although it’s fun to step in the realms of the future with the possibility of unmanned vehicles, there is a serious side too” added Ken McCall. “This innovation could ease some of the doubts about the safety of driverless technology, thereby increasing the likelihood it will happen.

“Who knows what the future will bring for our roads, but whatever it does, you can be sure Europcar will be watching closely and identifying where it can bring real mobility benefits for our customers.”

The new development enables Google Car to follow any diversions in place, check for oncoming vehicles, and further identify and avoid unexpected obstacles. This is being made possible through Google’s acquisition of social mapping company Waze at a specualted $1.3billion deal last June. Tech at hand provides Google with real-time traffic and accident information to enhance Google Car.