Harley-Davidson India Street bikes manufacturing tows award

Harley-Davidson India is a recipient of the Indo-American Trade Excellence award for Operational Excellence in Manufacturing and were felicitated at a ceremony at Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) this week.

Harley Street 750 India

Baljeet Mokha, Director Plant Operations Harley-Davidson India received the award. Since 2010, Harley-Davidson has been assembling bikes at Bawal. Street 750 motorcycles are now built here. Street 750 and 500 are manufactured both at Harley-Davidson’s US and India plants, with India being the 2nd country for Harley-Davidson CKD assembly operations outside US. It’s also the only country outside US with manufacturing operations.

Harley-Davidson India has boosted leisure motorcycling here by making the brand accessible to an increasing number of enthusiasts here. Street 750 furthers this effort.

Baljeet Mokha was honored by IACC recognision for Harley-Davidson India’s operational excellence in manufacturing. being able to build and deliver exceptional products has been possible through input from customers and from employees and partners. The company is proud of its accomplishment sin the last 5 years.