Mumbai’s first downpour and Rs 4k crore Metro springs leaks, images go viral

Residents of Mumbai are used to flooded roads and flooded railway tracks. But what they faced on the brand new Mumbai Metro at 11 am on Wednesday morning was something even they were not prepared for.

mumbai metro water leakage

Mumbai Metro took a total of 8 years to construct and INR 4,321 crore (about $720 million) by way of cost. The project is headed by Anil Ambani’s Reliance Infrastructure. Mumbai Metro, what should have been a state of the art system, has seen leakages in the first month of use.

Mumbai city’s first showers not only drenched Mumbaikars on the streets, flooded roads and rail tracks but also poured into the Ghatkopar bound Mumbai Metro, giving travellers an opportunity for an unwanted Rain Dance. Tweets and complaints went viral stating showers of rain that came in from AC vents. Commuters whipped out their smartphones and instantly uploaded pictures and videos of the sheets of water that came pouring out from AC ducts giving Mumbai Metro passengers their first monsoon drenching.

Mumbai Metro’s response to these complaints took time to filter in with a tweet at 7:21 pm saying problem was detected at 11:30 am with the train being taken out of service and would be back next day. On Facebook, Mumbai Metro stated at 5:30 pm that the morning’s issue was reported to the technical team who were inspecting and rectifying the problem.

Mumbai Metro commenced construction in 2008 and has seen a delay of four years during which cost of project increased from INR 2,356 to INR 4,321 crores. It is India’s first public private partnership metro project operated by Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL), which is a joint venture company between RIL and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA).