Need For Speed – The Run trailer released, directed by Michael Bay of the Transformers fame (Video)

Action film director, Michael Bay has directed the all new Need For Speed game trailer which was released earlier this week. After directing successful Hollywood movies like Transformers, Bad Boys, Armageddon and The Rock, Michael has now given his expertise to the gaming world, to one of the best car racing games available, Need For Speed.

Need For Speed has been providing gamers with great car racing games since the start. Their latest version of NFS is named as The Run. Till date, NFS franchise has managed to sell more than 100 million copies of their games.

Thanks to the rising number of gamers, NFS-The Run too is expected to rake in the best sales figures for an NFS game ever. NFS – The Run will be officially launched in major markets around the world on the 15th of this month.

In Need For Speed – The Run, the character named Jack has the opportunity to win $25 million cash prize while racing across the US. This prize will help Jack to clear some old debts which he had borrowed earlier from not so good people. Another first that will be seen in NFS-The Run is that Jack will not only be interacting with other characters in the game, but also with the environment.

Talking about his venture of directing a trailer for a game, Michael Bay stated, “What I try to do with my trailers is to get your heart racing to the end of it.” Watch the YouTube video below to enjoy the new NFS-The Run trailer.