Scania participates in 1st UITP India Bus Seminar, alternative fuel and safety in public transport

Bangalore, February 27, 2014: Global commercial vehicles and engines manufacturer Scania Commercial Vehicles India participated in the first UITP India Bus Seminar held in Bangalore. Experts in urbanization and public transport attended the seminar, jointly organized by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.

Anders Grundströmer, Managing Director, Scania Commercial Vehicle India and Senior Vice President, Scania Group spoke about “Alternative Fuel and Safety in Public Transport” and said that Scania has always had safety and environment as its foremost priority globally and has a long history of driving developments in this field. He said, “We have across the globe designed vehicles that are high on safety features and low on environmental impact. We strive hard to deliver world class products and services that are designed to meet this requirement. It is a proven fact that ethanol buses are implementable and we are working towards bringing this technology to India”.

Scania_Metrolink_IndiaOne of the challenges faced by the transport sector is the lack of incentives for reductions of fossil carbon dioxide. In a city dominated world, sustainable mobility is imperative for cities to stay attractive. It is sad to note that more people die due to air pollution than even accidents. It is in this context that biofuels become critical in decarbonizing heavy transport.

An answer to these problems is the usage of biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel, which has multiple benefits. City cleanliness, production of local and renewable fuel, less oil dependency, creation of local jobs, are some benefits, to name a few. The carbon dioxide emission comes down by a whopping 70% through adoption of these alternate fuels.

As a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility, UITP is internationally recognized for its work to advance the development of this critical policy agenda. UITP has a long history to its name, and is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes.