Skoda CitiJet Concept open top two seater revealed before Worthersee debut

Skoda CitiJet Concept, designed by a team of 16 Skoda design apprentices over a period of 6 months has been revealed. Seen in an attractive metallic paint of blue/white, this CitiJet concept now heads to Worthersee for the VW Group gathering (being held from 28-31 May 2014 this year), where it will rub shoulders with SEAT Ibiza Cupster among others.

Skoda CitiJet Concept

Skoda CitiJet is a two seater, roofless one off design heading to the annual Volkswagen Group tuning show. The open top Skoda sports a number of updates from Skoda Citigo Sports trim which includes a leather wrapped, red accented, 3 spoke steering wheel, Sport-spec floor mats and seat covers, leather encased hand brakes and gear stick while the apprentices have also included a 300 watt sound system and blue LED interior lighting to match the exterior blue/white metallic paint.

The dashboard is painted in a contrasting white and red standing out in distinction from the otherwise blue and white exterior. Sporting roll bars in place of rear seats, the CitiJet comes in with a handmade rear wing, twin tailpipe exhaust system and blue 16” alloy wheels with red brake calipers.

Powertrain on board the CitiJet is also borrowed from the Skoda Citigo in the form of a 1.0 liter, three cylinder engine, offering 74 bhp peak power. Overall the new Skoda CitiJet exudes attention to detail which the 16 design apprentices have paid careful attention to. Each detail of the CitiJet make up has been carefully discussed prior to it being passed by the team of designers to bring out this model in a unique and poignant design that has made every member of the team proud to be associated with.

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