Tesla S and Renault Zoe in Norway electric vehicle market

With electric vehicles receiving traction in Europe, Norway is the leading market for EV’s. Norway accounts for 12% of electric vehicles on the road. Renault ZOE made its way to the Olympic stadium in Oslo on Tuesday, March 25, at an event attended by the French ambassador and Norway’s environment minister.


About 15 Renault ZOEs were available for test drives undertaken at the athletics tracks and 6 workshops were organized to showcase the Renault ZOE features, in particular its charging system (the Chameleon charger).

Back in August 2013, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) unveiled its highly anticipated European Supercharger network to energise stations across Norway ensuring Model S owners can travel for free between Norwegian cities. About 90% of the Norwegian population lives within 320 km of a Supercharger station.

Tesla Motors delivered 1493 cars in March ending with 2056 cars sold here in Q1. Certainly Tesla Model S is making significant patterns here for the electric vehicle market. Norway is making notable moves in electric vehicle penetration in Europe with its government’s pro-EV policy. A strong financial incentive ensures electric vehicles are exempt from VAT, which is 25% in Norway. Electric vehicle privileges include free public parking, free charging stations in the street and in public parking lots, the right to drive in bus lanes, free ferries, exemption from city tolls, and lower annual road tax than for fuel vehicles.