Top Gear Bond special premiers on November 2nd in celebration of 50th anniversary of James Bond Cars

When taking the long and star studded history of cinema into account there is no other action hero who is more closely linked with supercars as James Bond. To mark its 50th year of James Bond Cars, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond will be showcasing 50 years of Bond’s association with these much publicized cars with all their trimmings and features which go a long way to make James Bond movies such a resounding success.

In 2nd November, a special episode of Top Gear, titled ‘The Ride of Your Life – Spy Style’, will showcase behind the scenes stories of these iconic cars. The show coincides with the release of the Bond latest film Skyfall. Some of these exclusive cars will include the DB5 Aston Martin featured in Goldfinger, Lotus Espirit submarine car used by Roger Moore while there will also be an exclusive from the sets of the latest Bond block buster ‘Skyfall’.

Top Gear is aired on the BBC Entertainment Channel and presenter Richard Hammond will get into the action with a Bond Car on a Budget wherein he builds his own invisible car and Lotus submarine at surprisingly low funds.

Auto news release: Top Gear Special :50 years of James Bond Cars

The ride of your life – Spy Style !

Premieres: 2nd November

Airtime: Fri, 10 PM

In the history of cinema; no action hero has been more closely associated with cars than James Bond. Alongside the gadgets, the girls and the baddies, Bond’s cars are one of the vital ingredients that have made his films a spectacular success.

This November, as the cinema character celebrates half a century of its existence, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond celebrates 50 years of Bond’s amazing history with the machine on wheels.

The special episode reveals the entertaining behind-the-scenes stories of the most iconic cars, including the Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 and the Lotus Esprit submarine car. Roger Moore takes us through the era of Bond’s greatest car stunts. Richard gets in on the action with ‘Bond Car On a Budget’ building his own invisible car and Lotus submarine – on worryingly low funds. There’s also an exclusive report from the sets of latest Bond film, Skyfall.

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