Train that picks up passengers without halting

A train that never stops has been imagined by a Chinese Designer, named Chen Jianjun. He has devised and created this nonstop train sketch, that runs at high speed and picks up passengers as it passes by the station, without even making a halt, in turn saving a lot of time.

The system works as passengers wait for the train inside a pod which is situated on an elevated platform. As the train enters the station, it does not stop completely but slows down as this pod attaches itself onto the roof at the front. After this is completed, passengers descent into the train while the empty pod moves to the rear. This pod is then occupied by passengers who want to get off at the next station and this pod in turn gets left off at the next station while a new pod is picked up.

non stop train

This continuous pick up and drop off of pods ensures that the train runs continuously. A major advantage of this system is that there are no queues of passengers on platforms or entering and exiting through the same narrow doors of the train. Besides being time saving, this sort of train service will also be more energy efficient since there is a lot of power wasted during starting and stopping at so many stations. (source)