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2013 Yamaha YZF-R15 One Make Race Championship Round 1 concludes at Kari Motor Speedway


Held in conjuncture with Madras Motor Sports Club, Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India and Indian National Racing Championships 2013, the event saw a total of 45 participants in the novice category. Qualifying rounds in Novice categories were held on 5th July and on 6th July for Open category.

During R15 One Make Race Championship 2013 Round One- -The first round of 2013 YZF-R15 One Make Race Championship came to a close at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. The championships still have four more rounds to go before it comes to a conclusion in December 2013.

Out of these 45 participants 19 qualified for Race I in Novice category with winner being Akash Dingare, 1st runner up M Settu Babu and 2nd runner up Meka Vidhuraj. In Race II, the winner was once again Akash Dingare, while 1st runner up was Muralidharan and 2nd runner up was PK MithunKumar.

In Open category there were 25 participants out of which 18 qualified. Here also there were two races held with Shyam Shankar declared as the winner in Race I, 1st runner up being M Sudhakar and S Manthana Kumar declared as 2nd runner up. Race II saw winner S Manthana Kumar, 1st runner up M Sudhakar and 2nd runner up D Dinesh Kumar. Astride the Yamaha Super Sport YZF-R15, each of these winners will get to participate at the Yamaha ASEAN Cup 2013 to be held later this year.


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