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Riding his new Harley Davidson for the first time, 21 year old killed in road accident

milan patel harley davidson
Milan's Harley Davidson Street 750 after the accident. Day or night, near or far, always wear protective riding gear and helmet all the time when riding.

Milan Patel, astride a brand new Harley Davidson, met with a fatal accident at Vadodara’s L&T Knowledge City on National Highway (NH)-8.

It is yet another case of a fatal accident on the road due to over speeding. Milan Patel, 21, was knocked down by a passing vehicle while returning home. He was out visiting his relatives and friends on his new motorcycle, which he was gifted a few hours before the accident. The impact was such that Patel hit a divider, causing instantaneous death.

milan patel harley davidson

Milan’s Harley Davidson Street 750 after the accident. Day or night, near or far, always wear protective riding gear and helmet all the time when riding.

Milan Patel was gifted the Harley Davidson Street 750 which costs about Rs 5 lakhs on road, by his father earlier in the day. This was his birthday gift, he turned 21 on 14th July 2015. The accident took place at 11.30 pm, when Patel was returning home after showing his brand new bike to relatives on Waghodia Road, Vadodara.

Patel’s family were with him, but were in a car. They they reached home early and eagerly awaited Patel’s return. When Patel did not return home after some time his brother called up his cell phone which was answered by a bystander who informed him of his brother’s accident.

Harley Street 750 India

Street 750 is the most affordable Harley Davidson motorcycle on offer in India.

There are no indications on the vehicle which rammed into Milan’s motorcycle but the severity of the accident indicates that both vehicles were travelling at high speeds. Patel, who was to get married later this year, was an engineering student who was also helping his father in his business.


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  • kabbir gkm

    Who to blame…..is it the issue????….firstly I own a street 750 and a street Bob 1600 CC of Harley Davidson., now look at the wholeness., it was a new bike….it was his birthday gift…it was his maiden ride., all I want to know is this., why take the bike on a NH highway ??????? Why at all ??

    We need to know three things first before anyone goes on a ride onto our highways…..are our highways safe ???…..not a debate here., but the answer is NO
    Secondly…..what was the time of ride., its close to midnight., …seriously ., WOW !!!! Why ride then at
    Thirdly., why did the family leave off the new rider by himself without safety gears on his birthday., but they left in a car????

    Please folks……no answers to any one of the above….sadly I lost a brother., a fellow rider like me !!!

  • Naveen

    Now when the fellow rider is nomore, we are noone to comment if he had done anything wrong or nt……bt definitely there are a few things we should learn from this.
    1. Imp of riding gears: wearing proper riding gears including guards n all doesnt mean u r nt a confident rider, bt it means that u r ready to meet any eventualities. I too crashed on my harley, bt my riding gear saved mi, nt a single scratch did i get, bike gt badly damaged though.

    2. We fail to understand that riding or driving in night is something that we are not used to……its still a learning experience for us, out of 10k a normal rider rides, dere is nt more than 1000kms he wud have covered in night. So we need to keep our wits everytym we hit the roads in night tym.

    3. Its a harley…..every rider knows its too easy to overspeed, u just hv to rotate the throttle, bt its nt that easy to stop. Its heavy, momentum is more n nt very good brakes, esp street 750 which dusnt have an ABS.

    4. Indian roads…..remember they can take u for a ride anytym, ur bike cud b american bt the roads aren’t…..so lets admit dat n ride safe.

    Ride hard, bt ride safe to ride next day.
    RIP fellow rider brother.

  • krishna kumar

    I am perfectly in agreement with Naveen. Proper riding gears is a must as it will definitely help the rider. On Indian roads one has to be extremely alert as a lot of things happen from all sides. Even the supposedly one ways are never so here. Braking at short notice in higher speeds in not easy even for bikes with good brakes. Sad that a life is lost due to various factors. More than blaming let us learn from it. RIP fellow rider.

  • Avinash Vikas Khadye

    Thats too sad.
    I hv seen many young kids driving reckless without knowing the limits of bike.
    This happens when someone takes a bigger cc in hand and without knowing the limits just drive crazily and dangers his own and others life.

  • Prashant Singh Shekhawat

    It was a Harley for god’s sake.

  • Kartik TA

    plz dnt start biking with a bigger capacity motorcycle ..

  • Saptarshee Electrodubstep D’as

    Kid try to play with Harley-D. Got fucked up. That should be title.

  • Net Troll

    Sad news that a young life is lost for the sake of thrill. Please wear safety gear while riding, India is full of idiots who turn into maniacs behind a fast machine no matter bike, car, heavy vehicles even autoricks behave like F1 racers so your safety is purely in your hands.