Riding his new Harley Davidson for the first time, 21 year old killed in road accident

It is yet another case of a fatal accident on the road due to over speeding. Milan Patel, 21, was knocked down by a passing vehicle while returning home. He was out visiting his relatives and friends on his new motorcycle, which he was gifted a few hours before the accident. The impact was such that Patel hit a divider, causing instantaneous death.

milan patel harley davidson
Milan’s Harley Davidson Street 750 after the accident. Day or night, near or far, always wear protective riding gear and helmet all the time when riding.

Milan Patel was gifted the Harley Davidson Street 750 which costs about Rs 5 lakhs on road, by his father earlier in the day. This was his birthday gift, he turned 21 on 14th July 2015. The accident took place at 11.30 pm, when Patel was returning home after showing his brand new bike to relatives on Waghodia Road, Vadodara.

Patel’s family were with him, but were in a car. They they reached home early and eagerly awaited Patel’s return. When Patel did not return home after some time his brother called up his cell phone which was answered by a bystander who informed him of his brother’s accident.

Harley Street 750 India
Street 750 is the most affordable Harley Davidson motorcycle on offer in India.

There are no indications on the vehicle which rammed into Milan’s motorcycle but the severity of the accident indicates that both vehicles were travelling at high speeds. Patel, who was to get married later this year, was an engineering student who was also helping his father in his business.

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