3rd and 4th for R15 One Make Race Championship 2011 winners at Sugo Road Race 2012

As the Sugo Road Race series 2012 were held in Japan on the 16th and 17th of June, winners of R15 One Make Race Championships 2011 were seen once again in winning positions. Sankar Sridharan came in 3rd place while Dinesh Kumar came in 4th place in the 150cc category. Out of 11 riders that took part in these events two were from India, six were from the Philippines while three were from Japan.

The events were conducted on an international level and included briefing of riders, machine inspection, rear gear inspection which was performed on international standards, keeping safety and performance of the riders in mind.

Both Yamaha riders from India coming in 3rd and 4th place made the country proud while Yamaha Motors Pvt Ltd were even more pleased with their performance as they continue in their endeavour to support young Indian riders on such national and international events. Yamaha has always strived to project this sport and Indian sportsmen in the racing field. The company were also the sponsors of Yamaha Riding Clinic which was held earlier this year.

News release: Winners of R15 One Make Race Championship 2011 take 3rd and 4th spot at the Sugo Road Race 2012, Japan

Winners of R15 One Make Race Championship 2011 represented India Yamaha Motor at the Sugo Road Race Series 2012 at Sugo race track, Japan. Mr. Sankar Sridharan won the 3rd place with Mr. Dinesh Kumar taking the 4th spot in the 150cc category, both riding the R15 in the SUGO Road race Series 2012 organized by SUGO Racing Circuit, Japan. There were 11 riders, two from India, six from Philippines and three from Japan who participated in The Sugo Road Race Series 2012.

Yamaha had to cancel the Yamaha ASEAN Cup 2011 on account of severe floods in Thailand, in lieu of which the winners of the R15 One Make Race Championship got a chance to participate in the Sugo Road Race Series 2012. The Sugo Road Race Series was held from 16th -17th June at the Sugo race track in Japan. The event conducted at an international level, included briefing to riders, machine inspection, riding gear inspection all done keeping in mind the international standards.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Jun Nakata, Director – Sales and Marketing, India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are very pleased with the excellent biking skills displayed by both our riders on the international race track and would like to congratulate all the winners of the Sugo Road Race 2012. This was definitely a great platform for them to showcase their talent on an international circuit. Our endeavour is to provide continuous support to young Indian riders in the future as well. ”

Yamaha’s corporate culture has always given special importance to bike racing in India as a way of expressing the ‘Spirit of Challenge’ that it values so highly. Apart from the R15 One Make Race Championship, Yamaha also organized the Yamaha Riding Clinic earlier this year to give racing tips to biking enthusiasts. With these events, Yamaha aims to take the racing culture & spirit in India to the next level and plans to continue this championship as a valuable step for carrying forward the racing legacy in the country.