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4852 Honda Amaze sedan sales contribute hugely in 20% growth in April 2013

4852 Honda Amaze sedans have been sold in April 2013, the largest volume booster for the company. 1628 Honda Brio Hatchbacks, 1917 Honda City sedans, 33 Accord sedans, and 58 CRV’s were sold in the Indian auto market. This brings domestic sales to 8488 units. Exports accounted for 182 units. Total sales thus amount to 8670. For the 8,488 units sold in India in April 2013, there were 7,075 units sold for the same period in 2012. Honda Cars India Limited reports 20% sales growth for the month supported strongly by the new family sedan, Honda’s first diesel engine for the country, which  contributed 57% of the company’s sales last month.

To take the Honda Amaze across the country, new advertisement campaigns have been commissioned by Honda Cars India Limited for their new Honda Amaze. The ideology promises to be life changers in more ways than one. Created by Soho Square, these three campaigns went on air immediately after launch of the Amaze on April 11, 2013.The first of these shows a husband, wife and daughter in an Amaze when the wife informs her husband on her parent’s impending visit. Thinking that her husband will not be comfortable with the situation, the wife informs him that he will adjust to the situation in a matter of days. The husband asks for details on exact date and time of their arrival and when he is supposed to pick them up from the station. The advertisement ends with the son in law putting his father in laws luggage in the boot of the Amaze while the father in law admires his new car while the words – Honda Amaze badle aapki duniya’ plays in the background.

Two more commercial see this family getting lost while driving as the father in law holds the map upside down. However this does not cause any disturbance to the son in law due to the fact that Honda Amaze displays a high level of fuel efficiency. The third campaign draws more attention to the Amaze features. This is for the first time that the company has created a non English campaign besides also showing five people seated in the interiors of its first diesel engined offering. The campaign also concentrates on appealing to customer’s emotions and family centric sentiments involving a total of three generations of elderly parents, a young couple and their small daughter.

JnaneswarSen, Sr. Vice President – Marketing &Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd. said, “April 2013 was a significant landmark in Honda’s journey in India. With new investments in Tapukar plant,  launch of advanced i-DTEC diesel engine technology, and rollout of new family sedan Amaze, Honda has set on a new phase of growth in the country. Amaze has received tremendous response from the customers despite the slowdown in the industry. We are confident that Amaze will drive our growth in this fiscal.”


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