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599 GTO based one-off Ferrari supercar just for Cheerag Arya

India born, US bred, Dubai based businessman, Cheerag Arya or CA as he is known among friends, has a special place for fast cars in his life. Yes, many have, but the important thing is, he can afford them. A successful businessman at the age of just 32, CA currently owns a manufacturing plant in Ras al Khaimah. Besides him being a prosperous businessman, CA is also a keen collector of Ferrari super cars.

CA’s garage is lined with six Ferrari’s (seventh, the special one is on its way); Ferrari 575M Maranello powered by 5.7L V12 (his first Ferrari), Ferrari F40 powered by 2.9L V8, Enzo Ferrari powered by 6.0L V12, Ferrari Daytona powered by 4.3L V12, Ferrari F430 powered by 4.3L V8 and Ferrari 599 GTO powered by 6.0L V12. The GTO has already clocked 7000+ kms.

CA says, “The 599 GTO is surprisingly practical. It really is the complete package and the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen. Mine’s only a year old and I’ve already done 7,000km.” CA belongs to the special club of Ferrari owners, obviously. He was invited to buy the SA Aperta, the special edition convertible version of 599 (only 80 were ever made), which he bought four months back.

After all this, CA is still not completely satisfied with his collection. Just like other boys with toys, CA wishes for something more exclusive. After many meetings with Ferrari, he was finally able to convince the Italian brand to make a special exclusive car for him.

CA says his new special Ferrari will be based on 599 GTO. “I told the (Ferrari) designers what I wanted and they presented me with a total of 12 designs. I then picked the bits from each that I liked until we got an idea of the car I had in mind. It’s not a recreation of an old model. The car has a bit of everything in it, both old and new,” CA adds.

When asked what he plans to do, once he is delivered his one-off Ferrari, CA says, “Once it’s done, I’ll keep it in Dubai, but will take it to Europe every summer. I won’t be showing it to the world, as it’s a personal thing to me.” If everything goes according to schedule, the new Ferrari should be seen in CA’s garage by early 2013. What he is about to pay for this super car is anybody’s guess.

Source: Ferrari Magazine


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