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Audi to introduce new range of high performance diesel cars

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Audi is set to commence a new expansion plan soon, aiming to emerge as leader of worldwide premium car market by 2020. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of Audi, said the expansion phase will be put in motion this Autumn, which will include new product launches. Announcement was made in recent event in Copenhagen marking 25 years of TDI diesel engines.

Audi logoAudi sees increasing demand for its diesel variants. Thus far, about 7.7 million TDI equipped cars have been built. Generally, 4 out of 10 Audi cars are diesel powered, in few markets, the ratio is 9 to 10. Even in USA, where petrol cars are widely preferred, Audi’s order book shows 30% of TDI cars, which is only increasing.

Four rings will increase model count from 50 to 60, which would chiefly constitute a new range of high performance RS diesel variants. A limited edition super car resembling Le Mans racer could also be on cards.

Considering enthusiastic reaction for recent 380bhp RS5 TDI-e concept car, Audi could bring upgraded tech into upcoming production cars. For instance, Audi could incorporate electrically driven turbochargers, as seen in racing models, to boost performance (by narrowing or eliminating turbo lag) in the new line-up of diesel run performance cars.

Mr. Stadler believes plug-in hybrids will bear more importance, yet diesel mills could dominate Audi’s lineup even until 2030. He shares that enhancing combustion engines is far less expensive than electrification, which is why TDI would continue to expand presence.

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