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Audi confirms a bigger 4×4 is in the making, is it Q9?

audi q7 s line edition

Audi has confirmed that a new 4×4 flagship is in the making. This will mostly be in the form of Q9 SUV, and not A9 coupe or sedan. Apart from this, Audi has stated hat they will not launch any models below the A1 hatchback. The company feels that there is no need for a car below A1 in their range, especially since the A1 is doing well where sales are concerned with Audi selling 120,000 units.

audi q7 s line editionConcentrating more on SUVs is what Audi will be stressing on in the future. Audi wishes to expand its SUV business even further and by 2020 expect sales of their Q models to account for over 45% of total sales.

Q9 SUV is probably the upcoming full sized SUV. Not much is known about powertrain options, but expect it to feature e-tron plug-in hybrid, along with a range of V6 and V8 mills. This new Audi Q9 will compete against BMWs upcoming X7, Land Rover Range Rover long wheelbase and Mercedes GL full sized SUV besides the Lamborghini Urus.

With a new 4×4 getting the green light, it is also pointed out that Audi is not just keeping up with competition but gearing up to enter an untapped market with both Bentley and Lamborghini also expected to offer a full sized SUV in the future. Audi currently has 3 SUVs – Q3, Q5 and Q7 while Q4, Q6 and Q8 are also in the making.

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